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FUN FACT #1 – During the 4th quarter of 2009 (Oct, Nov, & Dec), Bradley’s music was broadcasted over 250,000 times. From commercial radio, television, airplanes, grocery stores, to hearing it at the local Ihop pancake house. That’s 2778 times a day, 116 per hour. In other words, at any given time, two of his songs are being broadcast over the airways somewhere in the world.

FUN FACT #2 – Pandora Radio has now added Bradley’s music to its lineup. Pandora allows you to create your own radio station with artists of your choice. And its FREE!. Go to http://www.pandora.com and check it out

FUN FACT #3 – Years ago Bradley was a Recording Academy member. These select members vote for the years grammy winners. Every year he would receive a ballot in the mail and pick who he thought deserved Best New Artist, Best Album of the year, etc..

FUN FACT #4 – Bradley learned to play piano from a “how to” book he found in the families piano bench.

FUN FACT #5 In college, the head piano teacher refused to take him as a student because he showed no potential as a pianist. Later in the year she heard Bradley performing two songs he composed at a composition recital. She apologized regretfully, and said “I’m so sorry…I had no idea you were this good”.

Bradley left college the next day.

Four years later Bradley performed with Yanni in front of 20,000 people at the Dallas Starplex Amphitheater with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

He mailed the piano teacher tickets. 🙂


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