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“UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL” in my studio.


My past few posts have been about equipment that I still use but labeled  “old” by todays standard.  It’s hard to show you with a photo, what equipment is new in today’s world because it’s based on software and computers, and not very sexy visually.  You see in the old days, I would buy keyboards with flashy buttons and keys.  But now I can buy that same keyboard in a software version, and play its sounds from any of my already owned keyboards simply by hooking them all to an interface and computer.


Pictured below is one of my work stations.  You will see no reel to reel tape recorders because all my music is recorded to hard disk.  The recorder is a software version that appears on the screen in front of me.  The keyboard in the middle is a Korg Triton Pro with 76 unweighted keys.  To the right is a Roland RD-700 keyboard with 88 weighted keys.  These two keyboards can play any of my other 15+ keyboards I have around my studio.  Meaning, I can set the computer to connect an electronic path to my Korg MI keyboard over in the corner.  I can now play the M1 sounds from my RD-700 keyboard without getting out of my chair.  And you thought its all about just playing the piano. 🙂


The second computer screen in the photo is for my software keyboards to display.  Basically synthesizers without physical keys.  Each one unique in sound.  I have a software version that sounds like drums, one like an orchestra, etc.  Of course there is no software that performs and composes, I still need to do that minor part.  The big flat screen at the top of the photo is for video.


I know its sounds complicated and its a bit hard to explain in two paragraphs but hopefully you get some idea of what I’m talking about.  It only took me 20+ years to grasp it.  If it doesn’t make sense don’t worry, the technology is changing so fast this will all be obsolete by next year……so thats the good news!






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